Core tips

It would be silly for me to say right now that #1 mistake in site monetization is not to monetize at all, because if you are reading these words you are well on your well towards reaching your money making goals online. So, that one aside…

As I look back at the time when I first began to build my websites, I find it that my own worst mistake was not to choose a flexible content management system early in the game. This might sound obscure, so let me explain. Long gone are the days when websites were coded in plain HTML and all updates had to be done in HTML code. Personally, I don’t mind HTML at all, but you really need to have a system in place to make site-wide changes effortlessly, not to mention simplifying the process of adding new content to the site: a content management system (CMS). With CMS, if you decide to add a specific link or an advertising block to all of your pages all it takes is just modifying a few lines in a particular widget. It was my good fortune that when I built the first revision of my primary website there was a content management system that I could use. My sole misfortune was, however, that my choices in CMS software were very limited. Believe it or now, at the time my hosting service simply did not have a way to run SQL databases. Hosting providers were still in the process of adapting to the new way of making and maintaining websites. So, I had to choose a CMS system that relied exclusively on the standard file system: reading and writing data to files, instead of using a faster database connection. I probably had a choice of going to a different provider where I could have used WordPress (which already existed at the time). Instead, I got stuck with the system that was already obsolete. Very soon the developer of that CMS lost interest in it (cannot blame him), because no hosting provider could compete on the market without offering convenient use of databases and, by extension, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. There was no need for the product I was using! There would never be new versions with new features! There will be no additional modules and plugins! And additional modules and plugins is exactly the sort of thing that you want if you want to better monetize your site. Why? Because such features allow you to test more easily what options work best for you. You cannot improve your sites revenue if you do not continuously trying to increase conversion and find better ways of monetizing. You cannot possibly have a flexible website unless you use a modern CMS! Do not let a web designer approach you with a great offer to make a website for you that does not have a CMS. It will cost you a lot of money and you will be stuck with a site that will not perform well. If you are determined to spend money on the look and feel of your website, insist on getting a theme for whatever CMS you are using!

So, your take away piece from this post is: do not get stuck using anything other than a modern CMS – something you can upgrade, enhance and, most importantly, fine tune to the specific needs of monetizing your site. If you are currently using outdated server software, start looking into migrating to a different platform.