vegetineDo you ever visit your own website just to make sure that it’s up and running? Or maybe you just keep an eye on site access statistics instead (this a malady I have discussed in an earlier article)?

There is a better way! There are online services that can alert you whenever your site goes down. Some are paid, some are free. My personal favorite is It is free to use for up to 100 URLs. You can set how often the URL has to be checked (as frequently as every 30 minutes with a free account) and also what text must be present or be absent from the page in order for the alert to be triggered. This means that the use of this service can be more creative than just a simple check up on your site’s vitals. For instance, if you are concerned about certain ad groups not showing on the site at times…

By the way, you can even monitorĀ  sites you don’t own, hoping that when they go down you will be the first one to tweet about it. But to do that you probably need to get a paid Montastic account, so that URLs can be checked more frequently. And you better hope that the webmasters follow strict rules and must attempt fixing a major problem before tweeting about it to the world.

You might think that web outages are uncommon, but Montastic can one day prove you wrong, because they will check on a site’s performance more often and more regularly than the most diligent website owner.

Montastic operates under a bold and ambitious logo: The free website monitoring service that doesn’t suck.

Give it a try!