Logo design – how to get free ideas and inspiration

logosDo you struggle to come up with an attractive logo for your website? That means you understand how important it is to have a clear visual identifier for your online assets. Good looking logo instills in your visitors the sense of trust and helps them recognize your brand when they come in contact with it through other media: on FaceBook, on Pintrest, Instagram or YouTube – you name it. In fact, having a logo makes an average visitor stay on the page longer – a very important clue for search engines.

Employing a professional artist can easily cost you hundreds of dollars which may not be in the budget if you don’t have your site monetized properly, so it pays for its own beautification. Fortunately, if you know just a little bit about Photoshop or any other similar program you can get a decent logo without spending a dime. Here is how.

  1. Decide on the color scheme that you like. Either pick your favorite colors or use the colors favored by a webpage that you find visually appealing.
  2. Create a “dummy” logo that simply uses the textual elements that you want to have, using the colors you have picked. Do not worry at all about placement, fonts, sizes. Just get the text down.
  3. Save the dummy logo as logo.jpg.
  4. Go to http://images.google.com and click on the little image of a camera next to the search button.
  5. Click on “upload” and submit your dummy logo.
  6. Google will now inform you that it was unable to find any matching images on line. Darn right! Your dummy file is so original… But Google will also display a listing of logos that look similar to yours. You just have to point at one of them and click “similar.”
  7. Now you can peruse through hundreds of logo images, all of them use the same or similar color scheme as yours. Look for text placement ideas, angles, fonts, font styles, sizes, embellishments – and be inspired.
  8. Apply the knowledge and ideas you have gained to create a new logo. If you somehow think that because of following this process your logo will not be original, consider that an actual graphics artist that you could hire will in all likelihood use a very similar technique or simply use a “swipe” file!


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