Make your affiliate cookies live longer

cookiesDon’t you wish your affiliate cookies lived forever, bringing you healthy income for as long someone who clicked on your ad uses the same computer? Even if a particular affiliate program offers extended tracking periods of three or six months, that matters very little because once the person clicks on an ad while visiting a different site your cookie is replaced. You don’t have any control over that. But here is something you should definitely consider. If you have a good stream of affiliate sales for a particular online vendor (Amazon, most obviously), make sure that the same vendor is not being advertised on your very own site through Adsense or whatever other ad network you might be using. Chances are, the advertiser is paying very little to have their ad displayed, so you will get cents in exchange for dollars that you would have received as commission! The solution is pretty simple. You need to go into the settings for your ad network account and update the list of URLs that you do not want to see advertised on your pages.

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